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Muslim traders spread islam the modern era saw the rise of three powerful muslim empires: the ottoman empire of the middle east and europe, the safavid empire of persia and central asia, and the mughal empire of india along with their contest and fall to the rise of the colonial powers of europe . The post-islamic architecture of iran in turn, draws ideas from its pre-islamic predecessor, and has geometrical and repetitive forms, as well as surfaces that are richly decorated with glazed tiles, carved stucco, patterned brickwork, floral motifs, and calligraphy. It started to become muslim sometime in between 632-638 after the successful campaigns of the rashidun army assigned by calipha abu bakr and later omar, and commanded by the famous khalid ibn al walid, against the forces of the byzantine-roman empire, sassanid-persian empire, and their allies. Although shias have lived in iran since the earliest days of islam, and there was one shia dynasty in part of iran during the tenth and eleventh centuries, it is believed that most iranians were sunnis until the seventeenth century the safavid dynasty made shia islam the official state religion in . Persian culture • iranian culture and rumi’s masnavi is considered one of the most beautiful persian literary works, if not of all islamic writings.

Shia islam is the official religion in iran all laws must be consistent with the official interpretation of sharia law any muslim who leaves islam faces the death . Persian: persian, predominant ethnic group of iran (formerly known as persia) although of diverse ancestry, the persian people are united by their language, persian (farsi), which belongs to the indo-iranian group of the indo-european language family. Religion in iran sunni and shi'i are the two largest branches of islam, with the overwhelming majority of iranians practicing shi'i islam about 90 percent of iranians practice shi'ism, the official religion of iran[i] by contrast, most arab states in the middle east are predominantly sunni. Iran, which is also called persia or the islamic republic of iran, is located in western asia adjoining iran to the north are turkmenistan , azerbaijan and armenia , with kazakhstan and russia to the north across the caspian sea.

In persia, zoroastrianism was doomed as a great religion in response to conquest by islam's armies, the zoroastrians would foment rebellions, and the conquering muslims responded in many provinces they forced zoroastrians to convert to islam, with many zoroastrians adopting nestorian christianity instead. Known as persia until 1935, iran became an islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling monarchy was overthrown and shah mohammad reza pahlavi was forced into exile. Some of the most famous thinkers of the islamic world were in fact persians here are 5 influential persian scholars who shaped world history. Islam is a religion, and muslims are the followers of islam persian is an ethnicity, one generally connected to the aryans not everyone in iran is persian, nor are they muslim actually, only half of the people in iran are persian the rest are ajerbaijani, kurd, lur, baluchi, bakhtiari, mazandarani, gilaki, turkoman, and many others. Persian names - find persian names english and urdu meanings for boys & girls with easiness list of persian names for baby with meanings.

Women i in pre-islamic persia few primary literary texts document the activities of royal and non-royal women in pre-islamic persia to learn about these, we are . The 1979 islamic revolution proved a turning point for women in iran and in the muslim world generally khomeini, the theocrat-in-chief, and the new regime, imposed veiling on women and forbade them from serving as judges. In addition, iran's strict islamic law, or ''sharia,'' contains many discriminatory provisions toward non-muslims jews 'part of iran' still, jewish leaders say their community has far stronger roots in iran than other middle east jewish communities, which were virtually eradicated by massive immigration to israel in the 1940s and 1950s.

Islam is a religion, and muslims are the followers of islam persian is an ethnicity, one generally connected to the aryans not everyone in iran is persian, nor are they muslim. It was this persian islam, rather than the original arab islam, that was brought to new areas and new peoples: to the turks, first in central asia and then in the middle east in the country which came to be called turkey, and india. The persia we next hear of is the islamic persia of muslim dynasties the samanids, and the safavids of muslim kings like shah abbas and nader shah although the persian were forced to become muslims, they preserved the faint memory of their pre-muslim past, that was captured by poets, historians and bards in their works, of which firdawsi’s . The muslim conquerors adopted the sassanid coinage system and many sassanid administrative practices, including the office of vizier, or minister, and the divan, a bureau or register for controlling state revenue and expenditure that became a characteristic of administration throughout muslim lands.

Persia muslim

6 sandra mackey, iranians: persia, islam and the soul of a nation, 1996 non-muslim religious minorities, particularly baha’is, reported imprisonment, harassment, and intimidation based on their religious beliefs 4. A simple timeline on iran's islamic republic and jihad, which places amin al husseini and the muslim brotherhood in alliance with hitler's germany and europe's radical right. Muslim conquest of persia part of the muslim conquests 350px map of the sasanian, byzantine and muslim borders date 633–651a[] location mesopotamia, kuwait, caucasus, persia, and greater khorasan result decisive arab victory territorial changes fall of the sasanian empire rise of several.

The muslim conquest of persia, also known as the arab conquest of iran, led to the end of the sasanian empire of persia in 651 and the eventual decline of the zoroastrian religion in iran the rise of muslims coincided with an unprecedented political, social, economic and military weakness in persia. The 1200s started out looking good for the islamic world the crusaders had been defeated and jerusalem liberated in 1187, the ismaili fatimids had finally been removed from harassing the muslim world in the mid-1100s, and a powerful khwarazmian empire had emerged in persia. Iran is predominantly shiite muslim and is at odds with sunni extremist groups such as al-qaeda and the islamic state, which view shiites as heretics and have attacked shiite sites and gatherings . ʿarab ii arab conquest of iran during the first two centuries of the muslim era (7th-8th centuries ad) the sasanian state and much of the east iranian region in central asia were conquered by the mostly arab armies of the early islamic state.

The collapse of the persian empire at the hands of the muslim army was an epic moment in history persia was at the peak of its glory when the muslims came and defeated the persian armies and conquered their cities. Islam persia dan zaman kegemilangan islam persia (700–1400) setelah pemelukan islam, orang-orang persia mulai membentuk gambaran islam persia, di mana mereka melestarikan gambaran sebagai orang persia tetapi pada masa yang sama juga sebagai muslim.

Persia muslim
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